eTwinning Reporters: Do you believe in European Identity?

You can read below some of the articles written by the students who participated in the workshop eTwinning Reporters (with Claire Morvan) about the eTwinning Prize event. Don’t miss their testimonies and personal views about the activities:

Do you believe in European Identity? They did

This Tuesday (8th April 2014) students and teachers involved in eTwinning project were in Palais des Academies where the Awards ceremony took place.

eTwinning is a multicultural project where young Europeans can learn together how to understand different perspectives of the world, where they can find friends from different countries and of course to gain enormous experience travelling around the world.

The importance of the ceremony was clear because of the official speakers that came: Jan Truszczynski, Isabelle Durat and Malika Benarab – Attou.

Jan Truszczynski, who was the first speaker, is the general director of DG EAC (Department of Education and Culture) and he is responsible for ensuring of the political mandate, as well as reporting to the Commissioner, providing policy recommendations, and ensuring the sound management of the DG on a day-to-day basis. Our award ceremony was different from others. All of the special speakers made short and clear, also very sincere speeches which not only made us hear, they made us listen.

Jan Truszczynski

Also we had an honour to attract such an important person as Issabelle Durant to award ceremony and to listen to her welcoming speech. She is MEP (Member of European Parliament) and the Vice President of European Parliament. It was a pity that not everybody had a chance to receive her message, because only a few students of participating projects understand French, but we clearly believe that her congratulate speech and coming to the award ceremony showed the importance of eTwinning among the students all over the world.


And the last but not least welcoming speech was given by Malika Benarab-Attou. She is a French politician and a Member of the European Parliament elected in 2009. We have to highlight that although each speaker focused on different points, it was really grateful to see our efforts being spotted and works being praised.


Article written by Sara Chaves, Keren Martínez, Jana Prokesova, Sara Perfetto and Viktoras Cesnulevicius.

One day at the Parliament

20140408_145229We could start writing that the European Parliament is an institution founded during 1952, but it’s more than a simple institution. Indeed, the Parliament is made by people, the people who discuss our future. Parliament holds our future in its hands.

On 8th April, eTwinning Prize winners went to the European Parliament in Brussels in order to get to know this organization from Jaroslaw Walesa point of view. Using his own words, what makes the Parliament building such a special place is the people who work there together, with the same purposes. “Ask yourself, how many countries were fighting recently and now they have established cordial relationship? The answer is obvious: it’s better to cooperate than to kill one another”.


Then, we went to Parlamentarium and we were able to take a look through history of EU from the First World War until 2050.

We can also set a linkage between functioning at the Parliament and operating in eTwinning project. In both cases, “it is really important to speak a “universal” language, such as English or French. It allows communication and comprehension between workers”.

Appealing Walesa father’s teachings, he sent an important message to all the students. “In life, it’s equally important to believe in God and to believe in ourselves”. Trusting in ourselves is the best way of reaching success. We just have to persistently follow our dreams.

And you, who are reading this article, don’t forget, you are the future! Let us fight to free the world- to do away with national barriers – to do away with greed, with hate and intolerance. Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where science and progress will lead to all humans happiness. Perhaps, in next years, some of us may seat in one of those parliament chairs. Who knows?

Article written by José Eduardo Sousa, Chiara Bernardo, Carlos Linares, Rugilé Gem, Petr Conka and Damla Aydaso.