eTwinning soirées

eTwinning is restless! After a full day of activities, fun continues after dinner. On Tuesday, the different groups presented their countries, projects and cities through different flash mob videos they have prepared. We were really happy to watch them all!

It is obvious that eTwinning winners are very talented, but in case it was not totally clear, they showed us their best skills and performances in the “European Talent show”, on Wednesday night. Before that, they had time to discover the city through a Geocaching activity.

And is there a better way of closing an event than sharing a chocolate cake?


Discovering the European Parliament!


On Tuesday 8 April afternoon, pupils and teachers had the opportunity to visit the European Parliament and see where the members of the Parliament take the decisions for Europe!



Jarosław Wałęsa, Polish Member of the EP, hosted our visit to the Parliament. He explained us how the European Parliament works and chatted with the students and teachers about the latest news in the European Union. Jarosław Wałęsa congratulated them on their success in eTwinning, saying what his father used to tell him: ” If you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything”.


To learn more about the Parliament and the history of the European Union, they visited the Parlamentarium. In the EP visitor’s centre, they could play with interactive devices, follow a timeline of the most important events that took place in the EU history, and even leave their wishes and thoughts on the future of the European project.

Visit to the museums

Time for culture! The second day started with a visit to different museums in Brussels: Musical Instruments Museum (MIM), Magritte and Chocolate museum. In Magritte museum, 16-19 years old students discovered the largest collection in the world by the surrealist artist René Magritte.


Teachers and 12-15 years old pupils visited the MIM, where they could enjoy an interesting exhibition of musical istruments from over the world. To finish the visit, they had a coffee in the museum restaurant, located in the roof of the building, where they could enjoy one of the best views of Brussels.


The youngest ones (7-11 years old) disvered the world of chocolate in the heart of Brussels, the Grand Place. They learnt more about the history of this product and discovered how it is produced, by a master chocolate maker!

Ice breaking quiz: How much do you know about Europe?

Foto0977Ready, set, go! The winners from the eTwinning Prizes 2014 are already in Brussels. Yesterday evening, after checking in and leaving their luggage in their rooms, they enjoyed their first dinner together.

WP_20140407_006Later, they divided into 13 groups and played a quiz on general knowledge about Europe. They are the students from the best eTwinning projects, so they all got a good score! The 3 best teams won some nice goodies.